Answers to the Tough Questions about Hell (CD)

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Answers to the Tough Questions about Hell (CD)

Skeptics and critics of the Christian faith have raised some tough questions regarding the Bible’s teaching on Hell, questions like:  

  • How can a God of love send people to Hell?
  • Why would God have created us, if He knew in advance that so many people would end up in Hell?
  • Does God send people to Hell if they’ve never heard of Jesus?
  • Isn’t an everlasting existence in Hell an unjust punishment for the sins done in a finite life?
  • Isn’t it unjust that God would give out the same punishment to everybody who ends up in Hell?

Charlie Campbell answers these questions and others in a 60 minute teaching recorded before a live congregation in southern California. CD length: 60 minutes

This resource is also available on a DVD.

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