If God, Why Evil?

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If God, Why Evil? by Norman Geisler

The problem of evil is perhaps the most difficult question the Christian must face. If God is good and all-powerful, why is there suffering in the world? Can't God put an end to murder, rape, and starvation? What about earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis? Why couldn't a perfect God have made a perfect world?

In this concise but thorough book, Dr. Norman Geisler carefully answers these tough questions, using step-by-step explanations and compelling examples. He walks the reader through time-tested answers but also provides a new approach revolving around whether or not this world is the "best of all possible worlds." All this adds up to comforting news for believers: we can rest assured that God is both loving and all-powerful.

Paperback, 176 pages.


"Solid, insightful answers to difficult and intriguing questions that only Geisler could do. A must-read."
Josh McDowell

"This is one of the clearest, most comprehensive, and penetrating presentations on one of the most difficult problems that thinking Christians face."
Ravi Zacharias

"Norm Geisler has made a marked impact on the study of apologetics, contending for the remarkable gift of faith with which God has blessed His creation. Tackling one of the most misunderstood realities--evil in the world--Norm has shed the light of God's Word in a clear and unmistakable way in helping the human mind to rejoice in the vastness of God's love that will ultimately overcome evil victoriously. Your heart will be greatly enlightened and comforted as you read If God, Why Evil?"
Franklin Graham

"This small book by Norman Geisler concisely answers the big questions on the problem of evil. It is a 'crash course' that dispels confusion and brings clarity to this much-debated topic. Highly recommended!"
Dr. Ron Rhodes

"This is classic Geisler-brilliant, incisive, succinct, convincing. He is one of the great defenders of Christianity."
Lee Strobel

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