Reasonable Faith: Christian Truth and Apologetics (Updated Third Edition)

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Reasonable Faith by William Lane Craig

This excellent defense of the Christian faith has been updated and re-released in its third edition. Written by world-renowned philosopher and theologian Dr. William Lane Craig, this book examines the evidence for God, Jesus and the Bible.

"It is hard to overstate the impact that William Lane Craig has had for the cause of Christ..."
J. P. Moreland

"Bill Craig is one of my personal heroes! He is among today's very finest defenders of Christianity..."
Lee Strobel

"Not a single student of apologetics should miss this volume..."
Gary Habermas

"Whenever I pick up a book by William Lane Craig, I know I will be treated not just to a feast of rational insight, but also to a tutorial on how good thinking is done. I can always count on a thorough, charitable, even-handed, and intellectually elegant analysis. Reasonable Faith is a classic example of these virtues."
Greg Koukl

This is an invaluable scholarly resource for all committed defenders of the Christian faith.

Paperback from Crossway, 416 pages.

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