The Battle for God by Norman Geisler

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The Battle for God by Norman Geisler

What does God know? When does God know what He knows? What can God do about it?

Neotheism, also known as the "openness of God" theology, argues for a limited Creator and Sustainer. He can only guess what the free-willed human beings will do. Sometimes He guesses wrong and must undo the damage. God's understanding, power, and wisdom, are thus at issue in this major debate.

The Battle for God reminds us how far such a view diverges from the understanding of God revealed in the Bible and confessed by church fathers. Norman Geisler, Wayne House and Max Herrera describe the struggle to set the course for Christian faith, with vast ramifications for the understanding of God's omniscience, omnipotence, eternality, simplicity, and sovereignty.

Here is a clear refutation of arguments in recent writings by Greg Boyd, Clark Pinnock, and John Sanders. But more than simply a critique of the proposal to redefine God, the authors present a systematic confession of God's attributes–what they mean, why we can take confidence as Christians in the God they describe, and why the battle for God is well worth fighting.

Kregel, Paperback, 336 pages.


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