The End Times in Chronological Order

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The End Times in Chronological Order

Bible prophecy expert Ron Rhodes offers an easy-to-understand yet detailed chronology and explanation of end-times events.

The chapters are arranged around the major end-times themes:

1. Introduction to Biblical Prophecy
2. Prior to the Tribulation
3. The Rapture
4. The Results of the Rapture
5. The Church with Christ in Heaven
6. The Invasion of Israel
7. The Beginning of the Tribulation: The Emergence of the Antichrist
8. The Beginning of the Tribulation: The Temple and Signs of the End
9. The First Half of the Tribulation: The Lamb and His Witnesses
10. The First Half of the Tribulation: Judgments, Martyrdom, and Apostasy
11. The Midpoint of the Tribulation
12. The Second Half of the Tribulation
13. The End of the Tribulation
14. After the Tribulation, Before the Millennial Kingdom
15. During the Millennial Kingdom
16. After the Millennial Kingdom
17. The Eternal State

Each chapter begins with a list of the specific events it covers, making this an extremely user-friendly chronological guide to end-times biblical prophecy. Rhodes allows for various interpretations among Christians. Yet the sequence he describes is faithful to the biblical text, based on a literal approach to prophecy, and held by many Bible teachers and scholars (John Walvoord, Warren Wiersbe, John MacArthur, Chuck Smith). As readers discover that they really can understand Bible prophecy, they will come to love and trust the Scriptures like never before.

Paperback, 240 pages.

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