The Lost Book of Abraham: Investigating a Remarkable Mormon Claim (DVD)

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The Lost Book of Abraham (DVD)

This exceptional, award-winning documentary investigates the story behind a volume of Mormon scripture called The Book of Abraham. In the mid 1800s, a traveling antiquities dealer sold Joseph Smith a set of Egyptian papyri, from which he translated "The Book of Abraham" found in the Pearl of Great Price, one of four books Mormons believe are inspired. The original paypri were then lost...but remarkably have since been found! Modern Egyptologists can now read the papyri. Was it "The Book of Abraham" as Joseph Smith claimed, or something else? The Lost Book of Abraham visits prominent Egyptologists and other scholars, both Mormon and non-Mormon, to learn the truth behind Joseph Smith's claim. This DVD contains both English and Spanish versions, is 55 minutes long, and is highly recommended by ABR. It is very well done and a great resource to loan out to Mormon friends.


"If you want to learn more about Mormonism, this is a great documentary. Students in my world religions and cults classes always say how much they enjoy watching it. It is excellent!"
Charlie Campbell, Director of ABR

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