Apologetics Quotes: Words That Will Strengthen Your Faith & Equip You to Answer Critics of the Bible

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Apologetics Quotes: Words That Will Strengthen Your Faith & Equip You to Answer Critics of the Bible
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This updated edition now includes more than 500 faith-strengthening quotes by leading defenders of the Christian faith . . .

•  Norman Geisler
•  Lee Strobel
•  John Lennox
•  Greg Koukl
•  Ron Rhodes
•  William Lane Craig
•  Charles Colson
•  Gary Habermas
•  John MacArthur

•  Tim Keller
•  C.S. Lewis
•  Josh McDowell
•  Frank Turek
•  J. Warner Wallace
•  Albert Mohler
•  J.P. Moreland

•  Paul Copan
•  Charlie Campbell
•  and many others

If you could use some help responding to atheists and other critics of the Bible, you’re going to love this book! It’s full of quotes by several of the world’s leading Christian apologists (and others) that will encourage your heart, strengthen your faith, and equip you to be better prepared to give reasons for the faith you have in Jesus. Includes author, subject, and scripture index.

Paperback, 120 pages, 5" x 7".

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  • 5
    Great quotes

    Posted by Nancy on 30th Dec 2021

    Will be very helpful in my writing. Purchased also for a relative who is a pastor.

  • 5
    A real gem

    Posted by Terry on 22nd Mar 2019

    The book “Apologetics Quotes” by Charlie H. Campbell is a real gem. I just finished this book and I refer to it as a gem because of Charlie putting in a large amount of time into collecting and putting into print some real “gem” quotes (“mined” them out). I love good quotes but “mining the gems” out is timely and involves going though a lot of material. I am so thankful for this wonderful resource. I went through this book and marked so many great quotes. As Charlie noted in the introduction that the material is not arranged in subject matter because so many of these quotes cross into different areas. I so appreciate these quotes as a resource in sharing your faith. When sharing with people that are anti-God and anti-Bible this book is a great practical book to help get persons to really think. You will love this book! [Imported by ABR from FaceBook post]

  • 5
    Useful quotes

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Oct 2018

    Charlie puts out some great quotes from very recognizable people current and historic. Having quotes at your fingertips in a book that fits in your pockets, what can be better?

  • 5
    First class material

    Posted by Kel on 3rd May 2018

    I host a daily one minute radio show on a major AM station here in Sydney, Australia...Each episode is built around a punchy apologetics “quotable quote.” Your book has give me first class material for several hundred more episodes! Thank you.