One Minute Answers to Skeptics: Concise Responses to the Top 50 Objections & Questions

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One Minute Answers to Skeptics: Concise Responses to the Top 50 Objections & Questions


Could you use help answering atheists, skeptics, and agnostics’ top 50 objections and questions about God and the Bible? Objections like:

•  There's no evidence God exists!
•  The God of the Old Testament commanded the Israelites to commit genocide!
•  The Bible condones slavery!
•  The New Testament authors stole details for Jesus’s life story from religions that were around long before Christianity!
•  The Bible oppresses women!
•  The Bible promotes hatred of homosexuals!
•  You think Christianity is true because you live in the West and were brought up in the Christian faith. If you had been born in India, you’d be a Hindu!

Learn how these and other objections and questions can be answered in this updated and expanded edition of One Minute Answers to Skeptics. Paperback, 112 pages.

Discounted boxes of 20 copies ($5 per book) are available here.

Spanish edition is available here.


"I hope many seekers will give serious consideration to the thoughts so well expressed in this timely and pithy book. Well worth reading." 

"This is a handy book with helpful answers for busy people." 

"Here is a book that believers, especially new, growing Christians, should study and know well, perhaps even commit to memory!" 

"Outstanding!...Such good answers!" 

“Christians are called to defend Christ, and this book gives great answers that will clear up a lot of confusion, both for the reader and for non-believers.”

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  • 5
    Apologetics is important

    Posted by John Dickins on 7th Sep 2018

    This is a GREAT little book. I've been spending a lot of time reading, memorizing, and adding to the answers. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in talking to others about salvation, God, Jesus etc.

  • 5
    The Best!

    Posted by David Campbell on 20th Aug 2018

    Pastor Charlie is the best! My favorite apologist of all time!

  • 5

    Posted by Kenny Pope on 11th Aug 2018

    Loved the book! A wonderful read for people that struggle with “thinking on their feet.” Highly recommend!!

  • 5
    Everyone should have one of these!

    Posted by Marty on 24th Jul 2018

    I just received my copy of Charlie's new book. IT IS GREAT!!!! I strongly recommend this book for ANYONE AND EVERYONE. It's pocket size, easy reading, concise and easy to remember if you're going to breakfast with a friend, and especially valuable for those "hard to reach stubborn skeptics" . If you're part of a church evangelism team , EVERYONE should have one of these along with a pocket Bible to refer to. Thank you Charlie for your heart to reach out to those unsaved that are hard to talk to, and the gift of 'conversational evangelism", listening and asking questions.

  • 5
    Very good

    Posted by Max on 16th Mar 2018

    A very good book especially for those who look forward to presenting the gospel of Christ to others. It really helps boost your arguments.

  • 5
    Excellent Book for Believers & Unbelievers

    Posted by Gerry Kurtz on 14th Jul 2017

    Everyone has asked some or even most of the questions in this book at one time in their life. The author gives short, direct, clear Biblical answers to many questions and doesn't avoid the tough ones or the controversial ones. I have given away at least 100 copies. I hope it stays in print and is available for many years.

  • 5
    The right responses.

    Posted by Emanuel Jackson on 14th Jun 2017

    I love the One Minute Answers book; It gets to the heart of a matter, with the right response. It Is what I've been looking for.

  • 5
    Love the concise, accurate answers...

    Posted by Holly on 18th Jun 2016

    I love the concise, accurate answers. I love the footnotes in the back that provide additional information and resources. I’ve gifted this book to many people over the years, and I’ve used it to open dialogue with my still non-believer father...Although I’ve owned it for years, I still look at it on a daily basis, and review the answers to keep them ready and uppermost in my mind should the need arise.

  • 4

    Posted by Roger Cox on 10th Jun 2015

    I recently taught a lesson at church on How To Witness To An Atheist and found "One Minute Answers to Skeptics" very useful. Charlie Campbell gets right to the main points "skeptics" ask with clarity and decisiveness. Totally recommend this little truth tool!

  • 4
    One Minute Answers to Skeptics' Top Forty Questions

    Posted by Kim P on 23rd Sep 2013

    The book is easy to read and helps with all those questions I get asked (and then need to have reputable answers for but usually get stuck). I bought an extra book just for others to read.

  • 5
    Straight to the Points

    Posted by Larry on 29th Aug 2013

    Thoughtful and concise responses to crtitics' questions about God and the Christian faith. Enjoyed it completely.

  • 5
    A Powerhouse of Answers!

    Posted by Eric Johnson on 22nd Jul 2013

    This book is AWESOME. It is filled with one minute answers only a few paragraphs long that are clear and compelling. Don't be fooled by how short the answers are. Every word is to the point. Every point is solid. Irrefutable answers to questions like: "If God is so loving, why does He allow evil and suffering?" / "Is what the Bible says really true?" / "How do you know God really exists?" When I started reading this book I was so captivated by how believable these answers are I could not put it down. In addition to answering questions to skeptics himself, there are tons of quotes from highly respected scientists, well known apologetic scholars, renown archaeologists, like: Nelson Glueck, Norman Geisler, Charles Spurgeon, Martin Luther, C. S. Lewis, and even Charles Darwin, just to name a few. I highly recommend this book.

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