One Minute Answers to Skeptics: Concise Responses to the Top 50 Objections & Questions (Book)

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One Minute Answers to Skeptics: Concise Responses to the Top 50 Objections & Questions (Book)
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Could you use help answering atheists, skeptics, and agnostics’ top 50 objections and questions about God and the Bible? Objections like:

•  There's no evidence God exists!
•  The God of the Old Testament commanded the Israelites to commit genocide!
•  The Bible condones slavery!
•  The New Testament authors stole details for Jesus’s life story from religions that were around long before Christianity!
•  The Bible oppresses women!
•  The Bible promotes hatred of homosexuals!
•  You think Christianity is true because you live in the West and were brought up in the Christian faith. If you had been born in India, you’d be a Hindu!

Learn how these and other objections and questions can be answered in this updated and expanded edition of One Minute Answers to Skeptics. Paperback, 104 pages.

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"I hope many seekers will give serious consideration to the thoughts so well expressed in this timely and pithy book. Well worth reading." 

"This is a handy book with helpful answers for busy people." 

"Here is a book that believers, especially new, growing Christians, should study and know well, perhaps even commit to memory!" 

"Outstanding!...Such good answers!" 

“Christians are called to defend Christ, and this book gives great answers that will clear up a lot of confusion, both for the reader and for non-believers.”

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  • 5
    Great stocking stuffer!

    Posted by Ernst van Eeghen on 18th Nov 2018

    Great book! Always love to have a few of these in the house for last-minute gifts or stocking stuffers.

  • 5
    Well thought out

    Posted by David Benn on 4th Oct 2018

    This book has been well thought out and is a fast reference for a lot of the common comments unbelievers make.

  • 5
    One Minute Answers

    Posted by Robert Franklin on 28th Sep 2018

    Practical, powerful helps to counter doubts.

  • 5
    Demonstrates how to answer briefly and powerfully—and yet with gentleness and respect.

    Posted by Kel Richards on 17th Sep 2018

    Those of us who are old enough have seen Western Civilisation move from being pro-Christianity, to being anti-Christian to being aggressively hostile to the Christian worldview. That’s where we are now. And that is the culture that Charlie H. Campbell addresses in the new updated, third edition of his book One-Minute Answers to Skeptics. The Bible tells Christians to be “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.” (1 Peter 3:15) This is what Charlie Campbell equips his readers to do. In this new edition of his classic book he captures the fact that (a) challenges will often come in the form of statements rather than questions, and (b) will often reflect a kind of “politically correct” hostility. In his answers he demonstrates how to answer briefly and powerfully—and yet with gentleness and respect. (The “briefly” part is important—we often have a very short window of attention in which to respond to such challenges.) That 1 Peter 3:15 passage is a command—and a command that applies universally to all Christians. If you read it carefully you’ll see that it’s a command to “do your homework” (“be prepared”)—this book is all your homework in just 92 pages!

  • 5

    Posted by K. Slater on 9th Sep 2018

    The best little book of its type I have read. It is short, sharp and very much to the point. This really is an excellent book to give to skeptics. It is also a useful book for believers to read in order to boost their confidence when giving answers to people who ask a range of difficult questions. There are books which deal with theological questions and problems in much more detail but this book is a good place to start for anyone who had not done much reading around these kind of issues. The whole idea with this publication is to provide a good one minute answer to the sort of questions an agnostic or non-religious person often raises. [This review was imported from another website by ABR and is a review of the second edition of the book, not the newest third edition]

  • 5
    Very good!

    Posted by Ron Bush on 8th Sep 2018

    Very good! To the point without pointing fingers at the person. Focuses on the sin, not the sinner. Excellent biblical references. Love it!

  • 5
    Apologetics is important

    Posted by John Dickins on 7th Sep 2018

    This is a GREAT little book. I've been spending a lot of time reading, memorizing, and adding to the answers. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in talking to others about salvation, God, Jesus etc.

  • 5
    The Best!

    Posted by David Campbell on 20th Aug 2018

    Pastor Charlie is the best! My favorite apologist of all time!

  • 5

    Posted by Kenny Pope on 11th Aug 2018

    Loved the book! A wonderful read for people that struggle with “thinking on their feet.” Highly recommend!!

  • 5
    Everyone should have one of these!

    Posted by Marty on 24th Jul 2018

    I just received my copy of Charlie's new book. IT IS GREAT!!!! I strongly recommend this book for ANYONE AND EVERYONE. It's pocket size, easy reading, concise and easy to remember if you're going to breakfast with a friend, and especially valuable for those "hard to reach stubborn skeptics" . If you're part of a church evangelism team , EVERYONE should have one of these along with a pocket Bible to refer to. Thank you Charlie for your heart to reach out to those unsaved that are hard to talk to, and the gift of 'conversational evangelism", listening and asking questions.

  • 5
    Very good

    Posted by Max on 16th Mar 2018

    A very good book especially for those who look forward to presenting the gospel of Christ to others. It really helps boost your arguments.

  • 5
    Excellent Book for Believers & Unbelievers

    Posted by Gerry Kurtz on 14th Jul 2017

    Everyone has asked some or even most of the questions in this book at one time in their life. The author gives short, direct, clear Biblical answers to many questions and doesn't avoid the tough ones or the controversial ones. I have given away at least 100 copies. I hope it stays in print and is available for many years.