One Minute Answers to Skeptics (Spanish - First edition)

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One Minute Answers to Skeptics (Spanish - First edition)
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OUR BEST-SELLING BOOK IN SPANISH!  Are you sometimes reluctant to talk with skeptics about the gospel because you don't know how to answer their questions? Would you like to build up your own faith without wading through thick textbooks and complicated theological arguments? Here are short, thoughtful responses to questions skeptics often ask, such as...

  •  What evidence do you have that there is a God?
  •  What evidence do you have that the Bible is actually true?
  •  Hasn't the Bible undergone corruption as it was translated through the centuries?
  •  What about those who have never heard about Jesus? Will they be condemned to Hell?
  •  If God is so loving, why does He allow evil and suffering?
  •  Does it really matter what people believe as long as they are sincere?
Questions like these deserve clear, thoughtful responses. This user-friendly collection of biblical and logical answers will give you the confidence you need to share your faith with others. Paperback, 138 pages. English edition available here.
"I hope many seekers will give serious consideration to the thoughts so well expressed in this timely and pithy book. Well worth reading."
Charles Colson

"This is a handy book with helpful answers for busy people."
Dr. Norman Geisler

"Here is a book that believers, especially new, growing Christians, should study and know well, perhaps even commit to memory!"
–Baptist Bulletin

"Outstanding!...Such good answers!"
Chuck Smith