Teaching and Preaching God's Word: 78 Concise Exhortations (Book)

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Teaching and Preaching God's Word: 78 Concise Exhortations (Book)
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Teaching God's Word is a privilege and a blessing, but it is no easy task. Some preachers make it look easy, but for those of you who've done it, you know better. Drawing on more than 20 years of teaching experience and the wisdom and advice of beloved preachers like:

    • Charles Spurgeon 
    • Martyn Lloyd-Jones 
    • G. Campbell Morgan 
    • Martin Luther
    • John MacArthur
    • Warren Wiersbe
    • Chuck Smith
    • Alistair Begg
    • John Piper
    • John Stott 

. . . Charlie Campbell shares 78 concise suggestions, ideas, exhortations and words of encouragement on teaching the Bible. The book’s short, stand-alone chapters are ideally suited for busy teachers. Whether you are a novice at teaching the Bible or a seasoned preacher, you're sure to benefit from the ideas, Biblical wisdom and heart-stirring quotes by some of church history's greatest teachers.

Preview the first thirty pages here.

The Spanish edition is available here.

Paperback, 206 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"

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    A practical, “rubber-meets-the-road” book

    Posted by Jarrod on 15th Feb 2023

    I spent about two months slowly going through your book, Teaching and Preaching God's Word, and just wanted to share my appreciation! I’ve been teaching verse-by-verse bible studies for over ten years, and I still found many helpful tips or tools to make my teaching better. Many things were excellent reminders - I just wish I had your book at the beginning of my teaching ministry! Thank you for writing such a practical, “rubber-meets-the-road” book on teaching the Word. My two biggest takeaways were: 1) The preparation of the Introduction (#31/32), and 2) Speak directly to the people you are teaching (#49 - not neglecting to use the word ‘you’). You made it easy to take specific, direct suggestions like these and use them to better communicate God’s Word. It’s a book that I’ll be going back to again, and one I’ll be recommending to others as well. All glory to Jesus. I’m thankful for how He has used you. May God continue to use us for His glory.

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    A tremendous blessing!

    Posted by Paula on 6th Jul 2020

    This book has been a tremendous blessing to me...My life has been tremendously confronted and transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit through this precious book...Thank you a thousand thanks for this...I hope that everything the Holy Spirit put in my heart, revived, started, bestowed on me, He will impart to those whom the Lord put in my hands.

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    A Must for ALL Teachers and Preachers of God's Word

    Posted by Cary Green on 16th Jun 2020

    I have been in the ministry for over 20 years. And when I came across Charlie Campbell's book on Teaching and Preaching, I could not put it down. As a matter of fact, I liked it so much that I personally bought a copy for all of our deacons and elders.

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    A great resource and tutor!

    Posted by Pastor John on 10th Jan 2019

    This book has been a great resource and tutor in guiding me during sermon preparation and delivery. Thank you so much!

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    Very blessed by this book

    Posted by Jeziel on 10th May 2018

    May God continue to bless your ministry Charlie. I thank God for granting you the wisdom to be a good writer. I am a young pastor in my country of Cuba. I live in Havana. I have been very blessed by this book Teaching and Preaching God's Word because I learned many techniques when creating a sermon. I encourage you to not stop. Continue writing for people like me who need to refine their ministry and especially the messages.

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    A blessing for me

    Posted by Claudia on 14th Mar 2018

    It was a blessing for me to have read the Spanish edition of this book and I thank God for Charlie's life and pray God will continue to use him greatly. I really value his advice and words in this book.

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    Super helpful, encouraging, and inspirational.

    Posted by Pastor Dave on 7th Feb 2018

    This book is great! Super helpful, encouraging, and inspirational.

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    Every preacher or teacher should read this book.

    Posted by Jose on 6th Nov 2015

    I have been a pastor for 14 years and recently graduated from the Seminary of Expository Preaching ( SEPE ) here in Honduras. I just finished reading this book and it has been a blessing to my life and congregation...Our professor felt that every preacher or teacher should read this book...I had to pause to dry my tears and pray for your life and ministry. Thanks for such a great blessing.

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    Simple Suggestions and Ideas to Make Your Sermons Better

    Posted by J. Ferguson on 2nd Dec 2014

    This book has been a great addition to my library of books on preaching. This book is not a step by step guide for preparing a sermon or Sunday school lesson. If that is what you are looking for, then I would recommend looking for a different book. What this book is is a guide book for taking a sermon or Sunday school lesson, and making the best it can possibly be. The book is full of ideas and suggestions to improve the art of preparing and delivering a message. Topics include the use of illustrations, the preparation of good introductions and applications, the art of using statistics and stories accurately, and even how you can make your PowerPoint slides work better to support the message. This book has been an amazing help to me in the preparation of sermons, and I use it when teaching others about sermon prep.

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    Very Insightful!!

    Posted by Eddie G on 7th Jan 2014

    This book has been very informative and very insightful and has helped me clear up some things I had been questioning. This is the kind of book you can look to frequently for advice on teaching the Bible.

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    Posted by Laura on 6th Jan 2014

    I chose this book because I know that when the Lord calls me to serve Him in teaching women groups, I want to give Him my best and I was looking for something that would give practical, concise, recommended checklists WITHOUT leaving the spiritual aspect out. This is the perfect book for the one who has been teaching a long time, but needs a checklist to refine forgotten points, or for someone who has a fear of teaching though they may know the Lord has called them to. I simply loved this book and am so grateful that the author took the time to share his personal experiences in such a transparent way, including his own past shortcomings. I would highly recommend this book , short, concise and to the point! My favorite part was the importance of making sure we point people to Jesus and NOT leaving the gospel out! BUY IT AND YOU WILL BE JUST LIKE ME WRITING UP A REVIEW!

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    Precisely what a Bible teacher needs to know!

    Posted by TTW on 5th Jan 2014

    This book is ideal—precisely what a Bible teacher needs to know, without adding extras. Every chapter is concise, clear, and extremely useful. Thanks so much Charlie Campbell for putting this together. I am using it to train a group of aspiring Bible teachers.