Answers to the Cults' Attacks on Jesus (DVD)

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Answers to the Cults' Attacks on Jesus (DVD)
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Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Muslims and others say Jesus was merely a human prophet, an angel, or some other created being. And they claim to have support for their views in the Bible. Christians believe Jesus was and is the eternal God, the second person in the Trinity, equal in nature with God the Father and the Holy Spirit. Who is right?

In this video, Charlie Campbell, a Christian apologist, interacts with a formidable Scripture-wielding Jehovah’s Witness (well, a pretend one) in a verse-by-verse examination of the most popular proof texts used to deny the deity of Christ. By answering each of the man’s misunderstandings and mistaken interpretations, Charlie demonstrates that the traditional, historic understanding of Jesus’ deity is the Biblical view. Length: 55 minutes.

Title Change: This video was formerly called "The Jesus of Scripture."

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  • 5

    Posted by Sven on 27th Sep 2017


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    Solid and true

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd May 2017

    Very good study to answer critics on the Trinity and who Jesus is.

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    Loved this!

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Aug 2015

    This presentation is so good. We loved it and learned a lot!

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    Excellent materials for training and apologetics

    Posted by Rev Dr Thaddeus Irvine on 29th May 2015

    This is a well-presented session of several of the main verses used by the Watchtower Organisation (Jehovah's Witnesses) to misrepresent and deceive Christians about the full deity of Jesus Christ. Having spent over 30 years evangelising this group, I believe this is an excellent resource for churches and Bible study groups. This is a great preparation with this well-trained religious cult.

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    Great Info

    Posted by Steve on 7th Dec 2013

    Very good information, well-spoken and easily understood

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    Wish we had this prior to our meeting with Jehovah Witnesses

    Posted by Sherrie on 9th Jul 2013

    This is a wonderful resource to substantiate from the Bible that Jesus is God.