JESUS: Concise Answers to Skeptics' Objections (Book)

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JESUS: Concise Answers to Skeptics' Objections (Book)
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Concise answers to skeptics' objections to Jesus . . .

Atheists and skeptics commonly say:

•  Jesus never existed
•  Deceitful men invented the story about Jesus and stole their ideas from other ancient religions
•  If Jesus did exist, His earliest followers never thought He was God
•  The accounts of Jesus’s miracles are fabrications
•  The Gospels have errors and contradictions
•  Christians left other gospels out of the Bible that may have told us the truth about Jesus

Charlie Campbell, the founder of the popular apologetics website, offers concise, well-researched responses to these objections that will encourage your faith and equip you to talk to your non-Christian friends about Jesus.

Paperback, 50 pages, 5" x 7"

There is a DVD video that covers this content also (if you'd rather watch).