The Bible's Scientific Accuracy and Foresight (DVD)

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The Bible's Scientific Accuracy and Foresight (DVD)
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Has the Bible been disproved by scientific discoveries? Is the Bible hopelessly out-of-date? Critics of Christianity say yes. But the evidence says no. In this 50-minute DVD, Charlie Campbell lays out a case for the scientific accuracy of the Bible by looking at several ancient Biblical texts that revealed amazing facts about the earth and the universe thousands of years before the invention of telescopes, satellites, deep-diving submarines, and other technologies that finally allowed scientists in the last century or two to verify these revelations were correct! This DVD will strengthen your confidence in the accuracy and trustworthiness of the Bible.

DVD Length: 50 minutes

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    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Mar 2018

    This is the kind of information the church needs to hear more of! We have heard so many Bible studies, we need to get this kind of information out to God's people so that they can contend for the faith! Thank you Charlie

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    Posted by Unknown on 16th Oct 2017

    I have been going to church for thirty years and have heard a couple of the details Charlie Campbell brings up in this DVD, but wow, to have all this fascinating information in one place, it's just incredible. Very interesting.