Treachery on Celestia: A Young Adults Thriller (Book)

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Treachery on Celestia: A Young Adults Thriller (Book)
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A futuristic, young-adults thriller about courage, love, and survival.

Seventeen-year-old Phoenix Sutton is invited to take part in a promotional video shoot for a luxury resort being built on the planet Celestia. What’s supposed to be a fun week away from home in the summer of 2057 turns into a harrowing fight for survival for him and his new friends.

But there's another fight going on, a spiritual battle for Eden Briggs's heart and soul—she doesn't believe in God and has several challenging questions about Jesus and the trustworthiness of the Bible. Can her questions be answered? Will Phoenix and the others make it back to Earth or die on Celestia? Go along with them and find out in TREACHERY ON CELESTIA.


“Since it is so likely that children will meet cruel enemies, let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage.”
–C.S. Lewis

Paperback, 5" x 7", 224 pages.

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    Another great book for teens by Charlie C.

    Posted by Ley Martinez on 24th May 2024

    My daughter has read all the Dakota Knox books and she loves them. She's patiently waiting for the new one to come out. I was browsing his website and she hasn't read this one yet, so I got it for her. So far she loves it!

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    I love your books!!

    Posted by Hannah on 24th May 2024

    I just wanted to say thank you for writing the fiction books you do for teens! I am almost done reading the Dakota Knox series and have just recently finished Treachery on Celestia. The latter especially, as I am 17, and it was very encouraging to read about a Christ-centered relationship, something I have been praying for if the Lord wills it one day. Phoenix and Dakota are both awesome, and their leadership, courage, and zeal for the Lord is rare, even in fictional writing. I loved how dependent Afton and Adelaide were on the Lord amidst tough times, and how they trusted God with their relationships. I normally don’t like Sci-Fi or stories set in the future, but I really enjoyed that book. Eden reminds me of someone I know, and the answers Adelaide said to her, and the advice Phoenix gave to Adelaide was helpful. I have always been interested in apologetics, but knowing how to apply what I’ve learned hasn’t always been easy. I can’t wait for Dakota Knox #4!! And is there going to be a sequel to Treachery on Celestia?

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    So good!

    Posted by R.N. on 18th Apr 2024

    I loved this book. It sucked me in right away, and I had a hard time putting it down. I laughed. I cried. It was so good.

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    There needs to be a movie

    Posted by Nate Kowallis on 16th Apr 2024

    If Dakota Knox was a teen 50 years from now, he would be Pheonix Sutton. In this 4th Apologetics Novel, Charlie's style is pretty clear. The book feels and progresses very similar to the Knox series, and has all the features that I love about Charlie's writings: the characters are answering challenges to Christianity, processing the world through a Biblical view, and in constant conversation with God. This book is certainly best described as a young-adults thriller as it engages (neither in a graphic nor unnecessarily detailed way) with some sexual themes. There's a beautiful juxtaposition of four "love" circumstances: what "bad guys" will do for love, what a hero is doing because of love, what a robot comes to believe about love, and that Jesus' love is the most beautiful of all. The book is fast-paced and a quick read, and what it lacks in detail it makes up for in wit. Charlie snuck himself (an 80 year old man!) and some cultural references in again, making for some fun "easter eggs" for not-young adult audiences. I highly recommend this book, and the Knox series, for any avid reader. The questions addressed are good and helpful, but I think the biggest asset is demonstrating the Christian life--the prayerfulness, the moral decisions, and the necessity of being Biblically informed. One may be tempted to say about the way things work out in the story, "Well, that happened because there was an author who wrote it that way," and that is the point: In Christ, all things work out for good (Romans 8:28), and His redeeming love is available to you.

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    My grandson loved it!

    Posted by R.M. on 2nd Apr 2024

    I gave my grandson a copy of TREACHERY ON CELESTIA for Christmas, and he loved it! I gave him your three book DAKOTA KNOX series for his birthday yesterday and he was so excited!! I praise God for His imagination and giftings in you, Charlie Campbell.